Monday, May 11, 2009

When people start to grow up...

This evening I went with my husband to take engagement photos of my little sister Jess and her fiancee.  I was surprised at how sentimental I felt as I watched her...this turn of events has been somewhat sudden and I am quick to notice the subtle changes that have come to her... something is different in the way she carries herself, a new tenderness is in her eyes, and a kind of gentleness has suddenly turned her from girl to woman.  It is delightful to behold, yet there is a twinge of sadness in it, as I look back over the past.  The truth is, she's always been here with me, so in tune with me and alike in thought, if not manner, that I sometimes forget we're different people. :)   I could fill novel upon novel with her oddities and strengths; I could render people speechless with laughter with her funny mistakes or bring people to tears with tales of true kindness she's performed. 
I'm essentially a selfish person, and I love few people deeply, but when I do, I love them fiercely.  No one can bring me to anger faster than when hurting my family... I remember the very first time I felt true anger--physical, boiling anger--was when a boy much bigger than me on the playground was being mean to Jessica.  I shoved him away from her and shouted at him and ran away with Jess and then cried because I was scared she was hurt.  
Now she has someone new to protect her, and he's quite a bit bigger than me so I think she'll be fine.  :)  I guess I'm just glad for memories.  Jessie's future belongs to someone else now, but I will always have the childhood that belongs to just Jess and me.  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I am calling this my Tea Shoppe

When I was a little girl I loved to have tea parties. The young ladies in the books I was reading always seemed to be drinking tea, demurely, sitting up straight and tall and talking quietly. I reveled in the genteel sound my little china cups made as I gently set them down in their china saucers. I peered primly over the edge of my cup as I engaged in lady-like conversation with my little sister. We spoke of our invented sisters, of pretended intrigues, and shook our heads mournfully over domestic troubles with servants. This, of course, was only one part of my childhood--after we had had enough of propriety we often tore out the back door and got thoroughly dirty. But my interest in pretty china things and quiet little conversations has stayed with me through the years and I have kept the love for tea parties. Someday when I am old and rich (ha!) I want to have a little Tea Shoppe/Library (it's my dream, I can combine whatever I want!) where people can come and have a little sip of something sweet and munch crumbs onto the pages of their books. Until then, I collect tea sets and books. :)