Thursday, February 11, 2010

Request for childbirth stories! :)

So I am 30 weeks along now! I'm big, heart-burny, hormone ridden, and happy. :) I can't believe everything has gone along so smoothly, and that in 10 (give or take) weeks I'm going to be going into labor and joining all of you other mommies out there in that grand adventure called childbirth! Being one of those control freak people who like to know what to expect, I've been reading all the books and taking all the classes at the hospital and picking the brains of all the girls in my ward trying to get details of what their labor was like, what their first week home was like, what their experience breastfeeding was like, etc.

And now I apply to all of you, who might still look at my blog occasionally, even though my blogs are pitiful and sporadic at best, to indulge me in my quest for knowledge and spill your best or worst birth stories and advice! Where were you when you went into labor? Did you have false alarms? Were you excited or scared? How long was your labor? Did you get an epidural? Was there anything special you brought to the hospital that helped you in some way? What was your husband's reactions to everything? What did it feel like to finally see your little baby? Was breastfeeding easy or hard for you?

Any advice is welcome!!!