Monday, June 29, 2009

Jessie's Wedding

Bodie sadly passes his "I'm the tallest in the family" trophy to Jason :)

Phew! Jessie's wedding is all done! While she is soaking up sunshine on her honeymoon, I am snuggling into the covers of my bed recovering, exhaustedly happy that nothing went wrong!

I'll admit, grudgingly, that there were a few mishaps: I was late to the reception, and Bodie forgot to make the dvd slideshow like we'd promised, and I forgot the words to one of the songs I sang, and, my personal favorite, I got hives on my neck that looked like hickies. Real classy! Everyone else behaved beautifully of course. Jess looked rapturous, Jason's smile dazzled all, and nobody embarrassed themselves as far as I've heard, besides me. ;) Thanks to all my extended family members for coming and giving us your support!

It was so special to be with my entire family in the temple, and to feel close to my mom. After all, a wedding is a family affair, and we kept her chair empty. Jessie's wedding was so sweet, and I cried and cried. And cried. And cried some more. It's been a rather wet weekend. I miss my mom. That's what it boils down to.

After Jess and Jason took off, Bode and I were able to just hang out with my brothers and their families and that was really fun. My nephew Dane said my name once finally, and Portia, my niece, let me hold her and sing her songs before she went to bed. So I felt all Aunt-ishly fulfilled.

So that's a snippet of our wedding extravaganza!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Colorado Adventure!

Bodie and I had so much fun on our road trip to Denver, Colorado this weekend!  We spent 4 days with our awesome and hilarious friends the Quilters.  I have compiled a list of my favorite "things" (for lack of a collectively more expressive word) of the expedition:

*"I'm just being honest!"
*The time I was laughing and snorted REALLY loud in the car when we pulled into Denver.  I guess Wade saying "Lane-ing to the Left-age" was a lot funnier at 4:30 in the morning...
*The surprise I found in the shower at Elitch Gardens
*Brittney and Wade getting locked out of their hotel room and Wade's sweet breaking-in-with-a-credit-card-skills
*Bodie's discourse on Lemons and Melons
*The size of the pool towels
*Bodie saying, "Can we pleeease ride Ghost Blasters one more time??"
*The Mysterious Stomach Pain
*When Brittney's sneaky plan to get Wade wet backfired on her and she got thoroughly soaked
*Wade trying to do handstands on the hotel bed
*Getting piggy back rides at the zoo
*The fact that Brittney and I have blaring obvious talent as synchronized swimmers
*When everywhere we wanted to go eat had been closed for 7 years
*Wade's expertise on flooding when we got hailed-rained-lightninged-on in Fort Collins
*Singing Disney songs in the car
*Bodie's amazingly large strawberry lemonade glass
*"Whoever says it loudest means it the most!"

Thanks you guys for a really fun weekend!  :)