Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm excited!

I have always wanted to learn another language. My language of choice? French. :) My mom learned French when she went on a mission to Quebec, and I loved to hear her speak it when I was little. We had two French foreign exchange students two summers in a row, Phillipe and Karine, and my mom would engage in lightning fast conversation with them while I stared in wide-eyed admiration. Also, if anyone in the ward or neighborhood had someone visiting them who spoke French, they'd send them over to our house and mom would sit them in the living room and they would jabber and laugh. And once, when mom was our ward chorister, she taught the whole congregation to sing a Christmas carol in French as part of the meeting. I remember when she made cakes she would sometimes count in French when she broke the eggshells "Un, deux, trois..." It was a part of her life that made her special and I always told myself I would learn French someday so I could read her missionary journals, letters, and books in French she left behind. I took one quarter of French when I was 13, but I was never able to fit more into my schedule in school as I was trying to take as many college classes as possible, and now that I'm in college it's hard to fork out the dough on classes that don't pertain to my major...

Then yesterday Bodie surprised me by telling me that he wanted to use the bonus he'd gotten from work to buy me the Rosetta Stone software I've been drooling over for months. He told me he wants me to have something I can feel proud of, knowing I have had a goal and can now fulfill it. I have a very selfless husband!

I'm so excited to finally be able to do this! It will come in the mail on Tuesday and I'm reaallllly excited. :D